Importance of Music in Education

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Importance of Music in Education

Whether you're a teacher or a parent, music is an important part of the education of any child you care about. Not everyone has musical talent, but everyone can learn to appreciate music. Introducing children to different kinds of music can be a great way to begin a less on on history or various cultures around the world. Music also has an effect on the same part of the brain that you use to do math problems, and may stimulate children's brains in a way that helps them learn math more efficiently. Finally, music is a great way to relax and unwind. Every child should have a chance to find out how music can improve their lives.

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3 Pieces Of Equipment That You Need For Your Home Music Studio

Creating your own music studio in your home can be a very exciting step on your path to becoming a musician, but it can often be quite confusing as there are so many different pieces of equipment to consider when building that studio. Listed below are three pieces of equipment that are essential in your own home studio.

Microphone Stand

While you may think that you can simply use the same stand that came with your microphone and produce high-quality music, that is simply not the case. The reason for this is that many microphones tend to come with a simple stand that will allow you to set the microphone directly on your desk or table surface. The problem with this approach is that vibrations can pass through that table or desk surface while your PC is on, while you are rearranging items on your desk, or simply because something is causing your desk to shake, and those vibrations can cause the audio picked up by your mic to be distorted.

When looking for a microphone stand, consider purchasing a free-standing unit with a telescoping arm. This will provide you with greater freedom when it comes to placement and can help you avoid issues with vibrations reaching the microphone.

Pop Filter

Another important piece of equipment to consider when building a home music studio is a pop filter, especially if you are planning on recording vocals. A pop filter is a mesh screen that is designed to rest between you and your microphone. The purpose of this screen is to filter out the little blast of air that most people produce whenever they make the "p" or "b" sounds, which can cause a bit of audio distortion and result in a sub par recording.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Finally, you will want to make sure that you install acoustic foam panels throughout your home music studio to prevent noise interference. Not only will this foam prevent noise from outside of your studio from being picked up by your recording equipment, but it will also keep your neighbors happy by limiting the amount of noise heard outside the room when you are singing or playing an instrument. In addition, once you mount the foam on the walls of the studio, it will prevent echoes and sounds from bouncing around the room and give you a cleaner recording of your music.

By acquiring the right equipment for your home music studio, you can create a space that will promote more professional recordings. A free-standing microphone stand, pop filter, and acoustic foam panels are all important pieces of home music production equipment that you should consider. For more information about these and other essentials, contact the professionals at Lamont Audio.