Importance of Music in Education

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Importance of Music in Education

Whether you're a teacher or a parent, music is an important part of the education of any child you care about. Not everyone has musical talent, but everyone can learn to appreciate music. Introducing children to different kinds of music can be a great way to begin a less on on history or various cultures around the world. Music also has an effect on the same part of the brain that you use to do math problems, and may stimulate children's brains in a way that helps them learn math more efficiently. Finally, music is a great way to relax and unwind. Every child should have a chance to find out how music can improve their lives.

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2 Budget Ways To Soundproof A Room

Having your own recording studio is often thought of as a luxury that many can't afford. A professionally built studio could potentially become a very expensive investment but there are a few ways to soundproof a spare room or walk-in closet that will make your home studio recordings sound very professional.

Acoustic Foam

If you've got the extra budget then it's worth going for the more professional version which involves the purchase of some acoustic foam and some simple spray adhesive. Acoustic foam comes in square pieces that are roughly one square foot in size and are made up of foam wedges. If you've got a large room then this option could turn out to be too expensive so be sure to know how much foam you'll need before going to far.

You can buy spray adhesive from most hardware stores that will make this job very easy and very quick. To increase the soundproofing of the room, apply the first square with the wedges running horizontally and the next square with the wedges running vertically so you have an opposite texture. Repeat this step with each square until all of your walls and doors are covered.

Blankets and egg crate foam

The second way to soundproof your room is the more budget-friendly option that requires soundproofing blankets and egg crate foam, commonly used on mattresses. As an alternative to the soundproofing blankets you can also use traditional moving blankets, which are even cheaper.

The benefit of the blankets is that they take up a lot of your wall space and are fairly inexpensive to purchase. This way you can soundproof a large room without spending too much money. The quality is not as good as acoustic foam but will still give you good results.

Start with the soundproofing blankets and attach to your walls. For this process you can  use nails, tacks or screws depending on what is most convenient for you. Once your surfaces are covered with the blankets, take your egg crate foam and apply it over the blankets, also using nails, tacks or screws. This method will give your room a good amount of soundproofing on a budget.

Finish your soundproofing by laying down some blankets on the floors. This will help reduce any echo. You can also purchase a vinyl wedge called a sheetblok that can be placed under your doors to help eliminate any escaping sound. For more ideas, talk to a recording studio like Sonic Farm Studio.